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How To Make A Flower Out Of Paper

how to make a flower out of paper

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Flowers for the dead

Flowers for the dead

The seaside road that snakes through our neighbourhood is designated as a scenic route. All through the tourist season, big-ass buses crawl its length, spewing black diesel smoke, and cars with foreign licence plates sometimes stop... just stop... in the middle of the road to gawk.

There's lots to gawk at. Mansions. Islands. Bald eagles. Water fowl. Marinas. And of course the ocean. But.... you know how it is. We locals see it all the time. Traffic permitting, we zip through the dips and twists, more concerned with getting home than taking in the scenery.

That's what two young boys were doing on the road about a year ago. Coming from a band practice, talking, dreaming, making plans for their wide-open futures. The driver missed a curve. And, as the car left the road, it took out a long green iron railing - there, ironically, to help promote safety.

As the car - airborne now - moved from road to beach, it pretty much drove right into the broken rail. The iron pierced the radiator, went through the engine block and then straight through the passenger - seat and all. The driver, just a teenager, said he was stunned. One second they were driving, laughing, talking. The next, they were on the beach... his friend dead next to him - impaled, skewered, a victim of the ultimate in body piercing.

By all accounts, both boys were decent kids. Of course, both families and all their friends were devastated. As is the custom nowadays, they leave bouquets at the scene from time to time... and yesterday was one of those occasions.

The flowers are surrounded by reflective foil and their colours are unnatural - gaudy, cartoonish. I think they're injected with some kind of dye; these blues just don't occur in nature. I hope they bring some comfort to the families. They certainly keep the memory alive.

But after a few days, they tatter; turn brown. Crows shred the shiny paper. Slugs move in. And it's all too sad - death for death, loss for loss.

I think... if it was someone I'd loved and lost... I'd rather just see the sea and let the tides and currents do their work, smoothing things away... bringing peace.

But... to each their own. I guess that's why these flowers are so blue.

handcrafted paper flower: bird of paradise

handcrafted paper flower: bird of paradise

If you've lived long enough, you have a day each year that's a struggle to get through; it's one of those difficult facts of life. Mine is December 2nd, the day my little brother passed away. We tell each other that time makes this sort of thing better, but John has been gone three and a half years and I have tears in my eyes as I type this.

I miss him every day.

After my brother and I were in a car accident Thanksgiving Day of 1997, my family had the gift of ten beautiful, challenging, grace-filled, loving years with him the doctors said would never happen.

John saved my life all those years ago as he drove us along the turnpike, and he filled my heart with his light-up-a-room smile that beamed every time he saw me afterward. I can't begin to explain what our time together after the accident taught me about endurance, family, and unconditional love.

Rather than dwell on his absence, I want to share his presence with you.

I still don't know how it got started, exactly, but my brother and father had a joke about good music: John preferred heavy-metal bands, while my father was always trying to convince him that Little Jimmy Dickens' "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose" was good listening. Listening to them play excerpts at each other one Saturday had me laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair.

Bearing an unmistakable resemblance to a brightly colored bird in flight, bird of paradise signify joyfulness and (not surprisingly) paradise itself. For me, they're the perfect flower to honor the memory of a brilliant, annoying, funny, generous, pain-in-the-butt, incredibly talented, bigger-than-me little brother.

how to make a flower out of paper

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